Day: 08/04/2019

The One Jewish State Solution

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What Netanyahu offers is a ‘One Jewish State Solution.’  Israel, as we know, is not a state of its citizens, it is a state of its Jewish citizens. By the time Israel comes to term with its sin and transcends into a state of its citizens regardless of their race, e

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PressTV-Iran, Iraq ‘agree on aerial defense cooperation’

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Iran’s top military commander announces that the country and its neighbor Iraq are to cooperate in the area of aerial defense.

Source: PressTV-Iran, Iraq ‘agree on aerial defense cooperation’

Ben Shapiro Destroyed On Gaza Protest Propaganda

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Press TV | April 4, 2019 What is really happening in Gaza’s Great Return March demonstrations? The mainstream media will tell you many things, but what is the truth? Robert Inlakesh takes on Ben Sh…

Source: Ben Shapiro Destroyed On Gaza Protest Propaganda