Day: 16/04/2019

Trump Dances to Israel’s Tune

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More wag-the-dog means war for America

Source: Trump Dances to Israel’s Tune


Netanyahu needs to cut deal with Hamas now

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Since Avigdor Liberman won’t allow a Gaza arrangement on his watch, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to wrap up a deal before offering Liberman the defense minister position.

Source: Netanyahu needs to cut deal with Hamas now

Qatar boosts its influence in Gaza

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As Qatar works to alleviate the living conditions plaguing Palestinians due to the blockade, it also seeks to achieve greater influence in the Palestinian territories.

Source: Qatar boosts its influence in Gaza

Gaza’s superbug epidemic: Bacteria without borders

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Epidemic in the besieged coastal enclave, fuelled by Gaza’s crippled healthcare sector, exposes the sickness of the Zionist enterprise

Source: Gaza’s superbug epidemic: Bacteria without borders

Israel fans flames separating Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

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Recent statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are feeding suspicions between Hamas and Fatah and widening the divisions between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Source: Israel fans flames separating Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank

Drawn To A Boycott

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Cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh (left) with the author in Galway last week and work (top) by Mohammed lampooning next month’s Israel-hosted EurovisionWhat kind of country jails a cartoonist?Is

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