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The world remembers 64th anniversary of the west-sponsored coup in Iran

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Source: The world remembers 64th anniversary of the west-sponsored coup in Iran


UN: Nearly 50,000 stranded at Jordan-Syria border

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America For Yemen

From Al Jazeera:

Jordan closed its border with Syria in June 2016 after a car bomb attack killed seven Jordanian border guards. Currently, there are nearly 50,000 Syrians stranded at this border known as Berm and Hadalat where airstrikes have been reported in the past few days. People here are lacking food, water, and healthcare with some living off of only flour and water.

UN humanitarian aid is distributed along this border by the Jordanian military, a Jordanian contractor, and also armed men on the Syrian side of the border. Because of the recent airstrikes, the UN is worried about the safety of those stranded there and is calling on all parties to protect the people from harm.

Syrian refugee patients from the makeshift Rukban camp, which lies in no-man’s-land off the border between Syria and Jordan in the remote northeast, cross over to visit a UN-operated medical clinic…

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Pepe Escobar: And the winners in the post-Daesh era are…

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Syrians walk past Aleppo’s citadel as life returns to normal after the expulsion of Jihadi terrorist groups by the Syrian army and its allies Russia and Iran. Photo from the #believe_in_aleppo hashtag in Twitter.

An excerpt from Pepe Escobar’s latest article in Asia Times:

[…] Mesopotamia and the Levant, in the post-Daesh era, are indeed unrecognizable compared to the state of play in the early 2010s.

The facts on the ground in the Syrian war theater are stark.

While the Beltway was blinded by regime change, Moscow swooped in and with a small expeditionary force turned the Middle East game upside down. While Russian jets fully coordinated with an array of forces on the ground, Russian diplomacy ended up closing down all manner of war fronts and imposing ceasefires or de-escalation zones.

A New Syrian Army (NSA?), instead of those walking dead FSA, is now fully battle-tested…

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Artswatch Palestine: June-July 2017

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Artists for Palestine UK

Our regular report on Israel’s war on Palestinian cultural life and expression.
[Pictured: Palestinian-American rapper and video-maker, Abu Rahss]


In May 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 2222, on the protection of journalists in conflict situations. The resolution ‘condemned all violations and abuses committed against journalists, media professionals and associated personnel in situations of armed conflict’.

During the debate on the resolution, Israel’s delegate, David Roet, spoke in praise of his country, ‘a model for how a democratic nation, even while facing immense challenges could maintain a free and thriving press’.

In a statement released on Friday 28th July, the NGO Reporters sans Frontières condemned Israeli forces for using ‘intimidation, denial of access, violence and arrests to limit or prevent media coverage of the demonstrations and clashes sparked by the introduction of additional security measures around the Al-Aqsa Mosque…

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