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Award-winning Young Fathers become 8th act to cancel Pop-Kultur

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Artists for Palestine UK

Young Fathers, the Mercury Award-winning group from Edinburgh, have announced their withdrawal from Berlin Pop-Kultur to protest the festival’s acceptance of sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy in Germany.

The band are the third group of UK artists, and the eighth in total, to withdraw from Pop-Kultur in solidarity with Palestinians living under occupation and in exile.

Artists for Palestine UK warmly thanks all fellow artists who act in support of the Palestinians’ urgent need for rights and freedom – despite considerable misinformation put out by the festival organisers and in German media coverage.

Young Fathers, who performed in M.I.A.’s Meltdown Festival at the London Southbank in June 2017, said in their statement:

In our open letter to UK musicians, published last week and endorsed by Brian Eno and Roger Waters, Artists for Palestine UK called on all those participating in Pop-Kultur to…

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Trump to unveil Afghanistan war strategy

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Follow The Money


US President Donald Trump is expected to indicate later that he is sending more troops to Afghanistan, prolonging a war-weary America’s longest conflict.

In his first prime-time speech on a specific policy issue, the Republican leader will address the nation at 21:00 local time (01:00 GMT).

He said he had reached a decision after reviewing war options with his national security team at Camp David.

Mr Trump once called for a full US pullout from Afghanistan.

He announced a strategic review soon after taking office in January.

He will deliver his first major national security address at a military base next to Arlington National Cemetery, where many of the 2,200 US troops who have died fighting over 16 years of war in Afghanistan are buried.

Mr Trump is also expected to outline a more aggressive US counter-terrorism policy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Earlier this year, the president empowered Defence…

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War in Yemen a Bonanza for U.S. and U.K Arms Merchants

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America For Yemen

From The American Conservative:

I’m not even going to try summarizing this because there are A LOT of important things going on in this article. So I’ll just quote a few bits, but I recommend clicking the link and reading the whole thing.

“But big money is being made and if the war ends the money stops. So why stop now?”

Ok I’ll give a wee bit of a summary…. The article examines another article, pointing out all the parties on all sides of Yemen’s war that are profiting from it. Big, small…. they’re all making money, but it’s the people losing with their lives. And that’s why the war continues churning. There’s money to be made! And it’s the US and UK making BILLIONS.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) controls large swaths of southern Yemen where it is now the best organized and most capable organization…

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