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Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century – 10

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Source: Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century – 10

L. Ron Hubbard found out what the Sumerian records, the Gilgamesh epic, the Christian Bible and other books describe as well, that Marcabian “God-like” beings came down from heaven with flying saucers.

The ancient people not knowing about machines, described them as something they could relate to: a flying cloud or a “flying wheel that came from heaven” with noise and steam, or the “eye of God” (surely it must be an accident that the eye on the Illuminati sign on the one-dollar bill has the shape of a saucer?). Hubbard found out who EL SHADDAI was and still is – the extraterrestrial race that made the original deal with the Hebrews.

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Ancient Israel, as we know it, never existed!

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Bronze head of a king, most likely Sargon of Akkad but possibly Naram-Sin. Unearthed in Nineveh (now in Iraq), Akkadian period, c. 2300 BC. Museum, Baghdad

Few know that Hebrew and Yiddish are Germanic languages from central Europe, not Middle-Eastern languages. The only people in the ancient Middle East who spoke an Indo-European language were the Hyksos (1800-1550BC) who worshiped a goat faced being with a forked tail. That is the image we now associate with Satan. The people of Judea whose story the Torah tells of spoke Aramaic. Todays Jews have unknowingly been made slaves of a Satan worshipping ancient Hyksos cult, now known as Israel.