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Pace of airstrikes, clashes in Yemen sharply higher in 2017: report

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America For Yemen

From Reuters:

According to international aid agencies, Yemen has had more airstrikes in the first half of this year than in all of 2016.

  • 2016 airstrikes: 3,936
  • January – July 2017 airstrikes: 5,676

The report does not make a distinction in who is responsible for the airstrikes, but Yemen’s airspace is controlled by the Saudi-led coalition while the US has also increased drone strikes this year.

There has also been a 56% increase in clashes between the two fighting sides.

“(We are concerned by) the increasing impact on the civilian population, particularly in terms of civilian casualties, fresh displacement and deteriorating conditions,” said Shabia Mantoo, UNHCR spokesperson for Yemen.

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Hezbollah and Syrian Army Finishing Off Terrorists of Al-Nusra

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From Lebanon, text and photos: Andre Vltchek

It came unexpectedly, rapidly and with great force: on 21 July 2016, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syrian army from their side, in unison, attacked positions of the malevolent terrorist group, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as Al-Nusra Front), in the mountainous province of Jroud Arsal in Bekaa Valley, on the border of two countries.

Simultaneously, the Lebanese Army surrounded and hermetically sealed the area around Arsal town, preventing new terrorist forces from entering the battle zone.

More than 150 militants were killed. Two dozen Hezbollah fighters lost their lives. Despite the difficult mountainous terrain, the battle was swift, heroic and well coordinated. The group was forced into accepting a ceasefire agreement, which went into effect on 27 July, and which stipulates that all of its fighters will be transferred by the army to a designated area inside Syria (Idlib).

Vanessa Beeley, Associate…

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