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Video: Explosions Rock Yemen Day After Missile Shot Down Over Saudi Arabia

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America For Yemen

Make sure to watch this short video (half a minute) WITH SOUND.

Explosives blasted the area near the 1st Armoured Division Base in Sanaa on the morning of July 28, the day after Saudi Arabia said a Houthi missile was shot down over its territory.

From The Sun Daily:

According to security officials, the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit the civil and military airports, the Republican Guards School and the headquarters of the National Security Agency to the north of the city. Other strikes hit air defense bases in the mountains around the city and also some military camps.

“They waged more than twenty powerful airstrikes since midnight until the morning that really panic all of us, shook our houses and smashed our windows,” said Mutahar, who lives in al-Hasaba quarter in central Sanaa.

Dozens of families living in neighbourhoods near the military camps in downtown were seen fled their homes during the…

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Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century – 10

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Source: Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century – 10

L. Ron Hubbard found out what the Sumerian records, the Gilgamesh epic, the Christian Bible and other books describe as well, that Marcabian “God-like” beings came down from heaven with flying saucers.

The ancient people not knowing about machines, described them as something they could relate to: a flying cloud or a “flying wheel that came from heaven” with noise and steam, or the “eye of God” (surely it must be an accident that the eye on the Illuminati sign on the one-dollar bill has the shape of a saucer?). Hubbard found out who EL SHADDAI was and still is – the extraterrestrial race that made the original deal with the Hebrews.

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Be a State, Palestine

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Journalism is Not a Crime

It is common knowledge in the international affairs that Palestine, especially Gaza Strip and Israel fight against each other regularly and the news reporting them has become like scheduled services recently. In 2014, “Gaza War,” which caused the record numbers of dead and injured, broke out and killed more than 2,000 Palestinians and 70 Israelis. Israel often insists that we should learn from history with mentioning holocaust by Nazis and pogrom by imperial Russia; however, Israel itself repeats its tragic history against Palestinians without end. Why is a chain of cursed history duplicated in such a short term?

The direct prompt of war was an incident that three Israeli hitchhikers was abducted and killed in West Bank in June 2014. Israeli government concluded it to be the organised crime of Hamas and started to search for three Israeli students, who were still treated as missing at that time, on a…

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Jews Wailing At The Wrong Wall For 2ooo Years

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The Ugly Truth

rome-vespasian-titus VESPASIAN AND TITUS

Maurice Samuel admitted that jews are destroyers. In other words, jews are unable to build, create anything, let alone a Temple or a Palace or anything of beauty. Jews are destroyers and, he could have added, thieves too. They steal everything: our names, our countries, our history, our heritage, our cuisine, they even stole their holiest site from THE greatest civilization builders, the Romans. 

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